Tom DeLay- Corporate Whore

DeLay Opens His House with the Special Interest Buffet
Tom Delay
Campaign for America's Future writes, "In his first substantive act as House majority leader, Mr. DeLay introduced new rules for the 108th Congress that were voted into law with the support of every Republican member. What were the rule changes the DeLay Republicans made? To open the House up to public scrutiny? To enforce term limits? To limit the access of lobbyists to the back rooms. Not exactly. The rules of Tom DeLay's House are clear: pay to feast. So the DeLay Republicans acted immediately to: Gut House ethics rules to enable lobbyists to cater fine meals for members' offices... End embarrassing votes to raise the national debt... Mandate voodoo economic analysis of budget bills so tax cuts appear cost-free... It only took 2 hours for Tom DeLay to put these deceptive rules on the books - with the support of every single Republican. Imagine what they'll do with 2 years to work. 'Welcome to DeLay's Special Interest Buffet: would you like some tax cuts with that?'"

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