Tom DeLay- Corporate Whore


BUZZFLASH: Now tell us a little about Tom DeLay. I mean, it's hard to understand what makes this guy tick.

IVINS: It's truly an astonishing case, isn't it? I'm not sure what we have. I don't even think it's compartmentalization. What you have, I think obviously, is a man who believes that he is a dedicated Christian, who is, I think, observably corrupt. That he has for years, collected huge amounts of campaign cash and it influences not only his vote, but the agenda of the House, and the way he works bills. I am absolutely fascinated at how he services large Republican campaign contributors. Now, how do you square that with a Christian commitment? And so you've got to think, okay: A) he could be a huge hypocrite. That's a possibility. B) he could be one of those people who rigidly manages to compartmentalize his life, so there's no overlap. I really don't know him well at all. He was a very minor figure when he was in the Texas legislature.

I think what you're looking at is someone who is so convinced of the moral superiority of his end that he doesn't care about the means at all.

BUZZFLASH: The Washington Post had a story about him a while back in which it stated that he doesn't talk to his mother. He's alienated from his brother. DeLay's daughter, a D.C. lobbyist, joined him on a trip to Las Vegas with campaign contributors. And she was in a hot tub with men pouring champagne over her. And it hardly seems like the lifestyle of a Puritanical, virtuous Christian. If this isn't "moral relativism," what is?

IVINS: I think Tom . . . there is an extent to which, and it's an unfortunate trait -– and it's a trait of Bush's too. And I don't know what it means, but that's life. As we say in our crude Texas fashion, he thinks that his shit don't stink. And that's very characteristic of Bush, who very often reverses course, and then lies. I really have a hard time believing that Tom Delay is a conscious hypocrite. I think that an assumption of righteousness is sometimes the unfortunate side effect of intense religious experience.

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