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What DeLay Left Out of His "Iraq by the Numbers"

House Majority Leader Tom DeLay put out the following press release on 10/16:

Iraq By the Numbers
Here is what was known about Iraq based on its own admissions:

3.9 -- Number of tons of VX nerve gas Iraq produced in the years immediately prior to the first Gulf War
25 -- Number of missile warheads containing germ agents (anthrax, aflatoxin, and botulinum) Iraq produced
157 -- Number of aerial bombs Iraq produced that were filled with germ agents
500 -- Number of bombs Iraq had fitted with parachutes for the purpose of delivering poison gas or germ payloads
550 -- Number of artillery shells Iraq had filled with mustard gas
805 -- Number of tons of ingredients for the production of more VX
4,000 -- Number of tons of ingredients to produce certain types of poison gas Saddam produced or imported
8,500 -- Number of liters of anthrax Saddam produced
107,500 -- Number of casings for chemical weapons Iraq had produced or imported
(Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Weekly Standard, October 10, 2003)

0 -- Number of Americans made safer by Ted Kennedy and the Democrats' weak and indecisive foreign policy
9 -- Number of presidential candidates who will pathetically claim DeLay is questioning their patriotism

However, this is what DeLay left out:

0 -- number of WMDs Iraq claimed it had after destroying its stockpiles
0 -- Number of WMDs discovered by UN inspectors
0 -- tons of VX nerve gas discovered
0 -- number of bombs fills with germ agents discovered
0 -- number of missiles filled with poison gas discovered
0 -- number of artillery shells filled with mustard gas discovered
0 -- number of tons of VX ingredients discovered
0 -- number of liters of Anthrax discovered
0 -- number of Bush's prewar claims proven true
0 -- number of Americans made safer by invading Iraq
("war in Iraq has probably inflamed radical passions among Muslims and thus increased al Qaeda's recruiting power and morale..." International Institute for Strategic Studies, Annual Report)

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