Tom DeLay- Corporate Whore

DNC Dispatch
Feb 16, 2004 ::

A political action committee created by House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is under investigation for a wide range of law-breaking activities, including misusing corporate donations to influence races in the Texas state legislature.

But local prosecutors and a grand jury here have been investigating the committee, Texans for a Republican Majority, including its use of corporate donations in the election, lawyers close to the case said.

Investigators are also examining whether there were violations of a law intended to curb the ability of outside groups to influence the race for House speaker, the lawyers said. The investigation follows a complaint filed with prosecutors last year by Texans for Public Justice, a campaign watchdog group.

And in what may be the one of the most egregious examples of burying the lead ever found in a newspaper story, the last two paragraphs describe how DeLay's committee may have laundered campaign money through the Republican National Committee.

In another episode drawing scrutiny, the committee donated $190,000 raised from corporations to the Republican National Committee on Sept. 10, 2002. On Oct. 4, the national committee wrote checks totaling the same amount to seven Texas House candidates supported by the committee, money that unlike that sent to the national committee could be given directly to a campaign.

A spokesman for the national committee said there was "no record" of discussions about the transactions with Texans for a Republican Majority. Mr. Ellis also said he could not recall whether he discussed the state candidates when he delivered the check to the national committee.

Did the RNC work with Tom DeLay to break Texas campaign finance laws? Let's hope these prosecutors bring the truth to light.

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