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GOP Hypocrite of the Week: Tom DeLay


Welcome back to the GOP Hypocrite of the Week.

Like Bush, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay claims to be on a mission from God. And like a Texas rattlesnake, he slithers across the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives pushing a GOP Biblical worldview upon the United States and pounding colleagues and opponents into voting against their constituents better interests.

"The Hammer," as some call DeLay, uses unethical and bullying tactics more indicative of the Anti-Christ than an angel of God. Fortunately, for us, those tactics have him facing possible legal indictments and House ethics investigations.

Ending Tom DeLay's reign in Congress is important for all voters, because many Republican congressfolk who claim to be moderates, shrink under DeLay's pressure and vote for his Paleolithic legislative agenda.

And if a politician doesn't do what Tom DeLay says, they get their political kneecaps blown off by this zonked out Republican "rapture" mob enforcer and his Tim LaHaye "Left Behind" extra-religious cohorts.

He's a hit man for corrupt Republicans who fashion themselves fundamentalists, but have more in common with the mob than with the clergy.

Tom DeLay is an uber-hypocrite because he works hard to ensure a reign of evil will fall over the U.S. for years to come, but, like Bush, he does this by using God's name in vain. It's the old bait and switch: you know, the stern, sanctimonious minister who embezzles from the church funds and runs off with the choirmaster's wife.

Calling Tom DeLay a radical would be an understatement. A former exterminator, he once said that Dioxin was good for you. Calling him a hypocrite requires no statement. Tom DeLay is the pure embodiment of it.

A BuzzFlash Reader comments on the corrupted thinking of DeLay:
Dear Buzz,I noticed in this article ( that Tom DeLay's defense for bribing a fellow Republican over the Medicare legislation implies that he does this kind of thing all the time:

In a statement, Mr. DeLay said that he had not meant to violate House rules and that the panel had never ruled on this type of activity before.

Read that again, "...never ruled on this type of activity before." So just how many times has DeLay and the GOP leadership resorted to bribery to advance their corrupt agenda? I'm almost afraid to know the real answer to that question.
Troy Torstrick

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