Tom DeLay- Corporate Whore

Short On Guests, DeLay Fundraiser Lets In Protestors

Cheney yesterday skipped the White House Christmas party to headline a fundraiser for Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX). Top ticket prices were $4,200, where donors could attend a VIP reception, take photographs with Cheney, and receive recognition. For $2,100, attendees could rub elbows and take photos with DeLay. Regular tickets (the lowest cost for admission) were $500.

DeLay (with an approval rating at 37% and a money laundering charge still standing) and Cheney (at 19%) weren’t enough of a draw to attract high-dollar donors.

While 250 people allegedly attended the event, evidently not everyone had to pay full ticket price. Protestor Diane Wilson of Code Pink said she paid only $50:

I guess they needed people inside. You can get in pretty cheap. I didn’t want to give too much.

When DeLay is relying on feminist, anti-war protestors to fill his campaign coffers, you know his days are numbered.

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